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Brown Paper Bag

Item ID SOS04B, SOS06B, SOS08B, SOS12B, Item Description Kraft Brown Paper Bag without Handle Size SOS04B – H 24 x

Kraft Paper Bag

Item ID PB252012, PB302815, PB353218 Item Description Kraft Paper Bag with Twisted Handle Size Small – PB252012 – H 25

Microwave Bag WPB270

Item ID WPB270 Item Description Microwave Bag WPB110 Size L 270 x W 110 mm Handle Type No Handle Material

Paper Bag Recycled

Item ID W7CARR/W8.5CARR/W10CARR Item Description Small recycled paper carrier (7in width, volume 3.6L) – W7CARR Medium recycled paper carrier (8.5in

White Paper Bag

Item ID PB282815W Item Description White Paper Bag with Twisted Handle Size H 28 x W 28 x G 15